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Praxis Training for Teachers

Praxis Training for Teachers

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The Praxis is used to determine if an aspiring teacher is eligible for licensing or certification. Some states require one or both of the Praxis exams, and each state sets its own requirements for acceptable scores. Our job is to get you ready by prepare you to pass the test.


    The OAE 090 Foundations of Reading test’s last administration date is January 8, 2023 and will soon be replaced by OAE 190 Foundations of Reading on January 9, 2023.

    An OAE-APK P-5 Primary test is under development.

    A P-5 Primary content test is under development.

    A P-5 Intervention Specialist content test is under development.

    A new school psychologist test (Praxis II 5404) is under consideration


    If in the course of your services you become dissatisfied with the purchase, you can discontinue at any time following a scheduled session.

    If in the course of services, it becomes apparent to one of our learning specialists that a student is not engaging in the learning process or fails to attend the sessions as scheduled we reserve the right to discontinue services following a scheduled session.


    One of our awesome, skilled and dedicated professionals will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule an orientation and initials skill evaluation. Our tutors are Certificated educators and school administrators assist you in achieving your goals.

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